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Tint Kits offers a unique discount program for supporting professional tint shops and freelance tinters. In our 18 years of business we have built a very good relationship with Solar Gard which has allowed us to purchase rolls of film at a discounted price.

We are willing to pass this discount to you.  We value your success as a business and want to help you to save time and make money. Since cutting the film is not required, our pre-cut tint kits can maximize your service offerings and capabilities to your customers. Taking advantage of these discounts allow you to market our products and set your own pricing for your customers.

The program is easy. Here are the simple steps to start enjoying the benefits of  our discounts with Tint Kits

1. Create a Tint Kits Account through our website.
2. Purchase Tint kits and use them for your tint service with Solar Gard warranty
3. As more Tint kits are purchased, savings will automatically be applied to your orders.

Our system will track all the orders for your account. As your purchase history grows, so will your discount. Below is a table that outlines reseller savings.

Tint Kits Purchased Discount
10 or more 15%
15  or more 20%
25  or more 25%
35  or more 30%
45  or more 35%

Our Prices Are Already Set At Wholesale And Have Not Been Increased In Over 3 Years!

We welcome all professional tint shops and freelance tinters.  Be sure to see our advertisements in Popular Mechanics Magazine and like us on for discounts and promo's!  Contact us at if you have any questions.

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