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Important  Reasons to Purchase Tint Kits from US for Your Vehicle

Beware Of The Other Pre-Cut Tint Sites

Our company has been in business for over 20 years now. We are constantly looking for new ways to make our customers happy and offer the best product on the market. In the past few months we have purchased a few pre-cut tint patterns from our competitors to see if the product that they advertise is the product that is used. After sending the patterns to our manufacturer for analysis we found that 3 out of 4 WERE NOT using the film that is advertised. Companies are selling cheap store bought film and telling you that its the BEST.  This is very disturbing to us. So please do some research before you spent  your  money on junk. Again all of our films are HIGH PERFORMANCE from Solar Gard and include a Lifetime Warranty! Please contact Solar Gard Directly if you have any questions about what we sell. 1-866-854-3456 ask for Ben.

Save Money and Do it Yourself

Our  pre-cut tint kits costs much less than if you were to have a company tint your vehicle. Why not save those extra dollars and do it yourself? With our detailed instructions, you can cut labor costs and tint your vehicle just as good as the professionals or even better!

Save Time, No Cutting Required

Ordering pre-cut tint kits can save you valuable time. Through traditional tinting methods, most of the time is used cutting the tint. Pre-cut tint kits allow you to skip this step, which not only guarantees a perfect fit, but it cuts the overall time it takes to tint the vehicle in HALF! We have Window Tint Shops all over the country purchasing our Tint Kits. With the time that there are saving, Shops are installing more Film, in turn making MORE money!

Professional Results using Solar Gard Film

Tint Kits offers the same types of film used by professionals. Solar Gard is  the largest film manufacturer in the world and they consistently produce film that is the most durable, attractive, and easiest to work with in the industry. Our film will not discolor or turn purple. LIFETIME WARRANTIED!!

Lifetime Warranty!

Our Solar Gard film includes a  lifetime warranty. Tint Kits will stand behind the window tint on your vehicle. The film in your kit is guaranteed not to fade, lose color, bubble, or deteriorate.

Drive Safer, Reduce Interior Fading, and Look Great

Window tint installed in your vehicle helps reduce dangerous glare, offering a more comfortable ride. Window tint can also help hold shattered glass together in the event of an accident. Tint Kits also provides fade resistance which keeps your interior looking new. On top of these benefits, a tint kit with Solar Gard film can give your vehicle a great appearance.

We Stand Behind Our Tint Kits

Tint Kits stands behind all of our kits. We hope that everyone will enjoy their tint kit and ensure you that we only provide film of excellent quality. All of our Tint Kits are shipped with insurance included. If you recieve your order and are not 100% satisfied, we will work with you until you are. Be sure to check out our customer testimonials.

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